Australian made ring Pacific Blue Opal SZ 4


Australian made ring with ‘Pacific Blue’ opal set into the band. The opal displays as range of colours but is predominantly Blue. US size 4 AUS H

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Australian made ring with Pacific Blue cultured opal.  Natural and cultured opal share the same chemical and physical properties. It comes in a range of colours and is visually very appealing. Move the ring around in the light and you will see the colours the opal will display, like blue, green, yellow and a range of colours.  Handcrafted in Australia, this Titanium ring has blue opal running around the outside of the band. It is a US size 4, Australian SZ H. Titanium forms the core of this ring and is hard and durable.  Sanded and polished to a gloss finish.

Perfect for smaller fingers, this band is thin, light and comfortable to wear. Titanium has a silver like appearance and is a hard and durable material and is resistant to scratching and rust.

US Size: 4

UK/AUS size: H

Australian made titanium ring featuring blue Cultured Opal set into the band.  Cultured opal has the same chemical and physical properties as natural opal.  The blue opal in this ring displays a range of colours when exposed to light.  The colours include blue, green and yellow, depending on the light these colours may change.  The titanium band has a silver coloured appearance and is hard and durable.  US size 4 AUS size H.

Australian made ring with blue cultured opal


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